Uneasy Riders: Before United, a legacy of excessive force in transportation

For The Marshall Project, April 12, 2017   The passenger was ordered to move and refused. The rule was grossly unfair, yet the carrier within its rights to enforce it. The traveler’s belligerence may have added fuel to the fire, though by no means could he have anticipated its horrifying outcome. There were racial overtones.... Continue Reading →


Driverless Cars

Robin Washington examines the rapidly advancing technology allowing cars to drive without drivers. As heard on WGBH News Radio. Listen here. Driverless Cars: Where We Are Now, Where Are We Heading? Who Wants Driverless Cars, Anyway? Driverless Cars: How's That Going To Work? The Challenges Facing Driverless Cars

Boston Business Journal and American City Business Journal profiles

Then & Now: Upscale retailer is in the right place Then & Now: A “paper son” finds niche in Chinatown pharmacy, realty firm Then & Now: Hmong Village founder Yia Vang takes the concept to California


Transportation Columns and Appearances

As seen in The Boston Globe Driverless: your next car may be your last Jan. 30, 2016 No excuse for MBTA report’s faulty math May 21, 2015 How we perceive accidents like the Amtrak crash — and why little gets done May 14, 2015 Ten things the T doesn’t need to fix March 31, 2015... Continue Reading →


Driverless cars: The coming transportation revolution

Robin Washington is one of the first experts to write and talk about the emerging technology of Driverless cars. Read about and listen to his pieces here: Driverless: A five-part series WGBH News/Boston, Sept. 26-30, 2016 Autonomous Vehicles Will Mean the End of Traffic Stops The Marshall Project and WIRED, Sept. 30, 2016 Talking Driverless Cars... Continue Reading →


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