Is it too late for driverless cars to save Uber?

It’s no secret that Uber is banking its future, and any eventual profitability, on driverless cars. The ride share behemoth’s CEO, Travis Kalanick, said as much to Recode’s Kara Swisher three years ago, famously or infamously describing “Uber without the dude.” The idea is the company’s expenses would be drastically reduced once there’s no longer a dude or dudette splitting the fare.


But now, after a month of business and public relations disasters, including some self-inflicted, there’s a suggestion that even self-driving cars won’t put Uber, currently fueled by billions of VC bucks, on the road to profitability.


“Self-Driving Cars Will Not Save Uber,” Jalopnik’s Ryan Felton wrote on March 3, adding an even more unambiguous “Uber is doomed.”


“Uber’s CEO Travis Kalanick has said the development of self-driving cars is “existential” to the company’s existence, but new financial data crunched by the ride-hailing giant suggests it won’t save nearly as much money as it originally thought. So much for the salvation that was supposed to come from robot cars,” Felton wrote.


A year ago, Uber said it reached profitability in the U.S. according to Forbes.







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