A daily newspaper editor, columnist, TV/radio producer and network news guest, Robin Washington’s career has touched the lives of millions. His stories have changed laws and sparked numerous reforms, while bringing recognition to ordinary people doing extraordinary things. His specialties — work that has earned some of the highest awards in journalism — are transportation,... Continue Reading →

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Uneasy Riders: Before United, a legacy of excessive force in transportation

For The Marshall Project, April 12, 2017   The passenger was ordered to move and refused. The rule was grossly unfair, yet the carrier within its rights to enforce it. The traveler’s belligerence may have added fuel to the fire, though by no means could he have anticipated its horrifying outcome. There were racial overtones.... Continue Reading →

Is it too late for driverless cars to save Uber?

It’s no secret that Uber is banking its future, and any eventual profitability, on driverless cars. The ride share behemoth’s CEO, Travis Kalanick, said as much to Recode’s Kara Swisher three years ago, famously or infamously describing “Uber without the dude.” The idea is the company’s expenses would be drastically reduced once there’s no longer... Continue Reading →

Autonomous Vehicles Will Mean the End of Traffic Stops

By Robin Washington This article was published in partnership with The Marshall Project, a nonprofit news organization covering the US criminal justice system. Sign up for their newsletter, or follow The Marshall Project on Facebook, or Twitter. Originally published here If African-American motorists—or drivers of any color—deplore being pulled over for a broken taillight only to... Continue Reading →

Driverless Cars

Robin Washington examines the rapidly advancing technology allowing cars to drive without drivers. As heard on WGBH News Radio. Listen here. Driverless Cars: Where We Are Now, Where Are We Heading? Who Wants Driverless Cars, Anyway? Driverless Cars: How's That Going To Work? The Challenges Facing Driverless Cars

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